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An Curaclam - Curriculum

Rang 6 were learning all about the travels of Tom Crean recently. They wrote poems in response to the class novel 'Tom Crean Ice Man' by Michael Smith. Here's an example of one of the poems written by the pupils in sixth class.

Senses of My Frozen Life

I am an un-trusted dog named Miles

I see…
Ice gluing the ship to the frozen sea.
Crevasses leading you to nowhere.
Darkness at night, as usual, but darkness at morn is frightening.
The glaciers are just a mountain of ice
Causing a slippery fall.

I hear……
A man groaning as he lays his frost-bitten foot on another's stomach.
A pony neighing as it gets tossed by the sea.
Howls of dogs mixed with howls of the wind.
Crunching footsteps on the snow as a man reaches the hut.

I smell……
Curry being mixed with pemmican.
Sweat dripping from the worker's faces as they shovel snow.

I taste….
Left-over pemmican sliding into my mouth.
The drop of cocoa falling from a mug.
The gulp of snow that I use as water.

I feel……
Soft snow rising above my paws.
The chill of the wind brushing through my fur.
An ice glacier following me until I've reached the end.

By Máire Nic Gearailt

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